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As an engineer sits across from his wife, Akansha, at an elegant restaurant, he waits for their guest—her co-worker, Sinjan. The engineer, whose favorite pastime is to observe and analyze the world around him, has no idea that his entire life is about to be thrown into turmoil.

In a collection of sixteen short stories primarily set against the backdrop of urban India, a diverse group of characters each face the impact of unique circumstances on their lives, thoughts, and actions. It has been almost a year since a commuter first saw a bright-red car caught behind a truck in heavy traffic and waved the driver ahead of him. Now the two drivers frequently see each other on the road, and it is a ritual he eagerly looks forward to every evening. But does she? When the paths of two men—one an attendant and the other a businessman—cross in a Bangalore restaurant, Venkat and Rahul are each propelled back into the past in unique ways.

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Parting of the Strangers and Other Stories